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Floral Art Glass Sculpture - "Buddies Series" - Ready to Ship

  • This floral art is a small fused glass art sculpture that adds a luminous pop of color as a centerpiece or focal point on your tabletop, mantle or shelf. It features gorgeous flower buds and flowing stems of dichroic glass on top of a variety of opalescent fused glass. This nature decor glass sculpture is in stock and ready to ship. Hand cut glass elements were thoughtfully arranged to create movement and an organic balance. This art glass sculpture was created by multiple firings in the kiln at a variety of temperatures to get the final desired result.

    *IMPORTANT* The stand was made by my welder. The two vertical posts on the stand are not centered on the base. If the asymmetry bothers you please do not purchase this piece. The price reflects the imperfection of the stand.

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