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Small Art Glass Sculpture - Bodhi Leaf - Ready to Ship

  • This small fused glass bodhi leaf sculpture is stunning as a centerpiece or as a focal point on your tabletop, mantle or shelf. The Bodhi leaf represents awakening, the understanding of the true nature of things. The Ficus religiosa tree is considered sacred. It belongs to the Moraceae, the fig or mulberry family. It is also known as the bodhi tree or sacred fig. This nature decor is layered with dichroic extracts and a finishing layer of hand cut dichroic glass for the leaf veins. This art glass sculpture is created by multiple firings in the kiln at a variety of temperatures to get the final desired result. The last kiln firing is at a lower temperature so it can be draped (formed) in the kiln to give it the shape of a natural leaf. Place it anywhere in your home or office to add moments of zen enlightenment to your day.

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